Electric Vehicle Charging & Repair

Outdoor EV Charging!

Our solar powered Tesla HPWC and Clipper Creek CS-100 is available 24/7 at our outdoor parking area at no cost to EV owners.

The Clipper Creek CS-100 charger requires an access code.
The current code 1503 0154# expires 04/13/2015.

Both chargers are FREE. We appriciate if you have the time (maybe while charging) to leave feedback or post a picture at Google +, Plugshare or Carstations. -Thanks!

Electric Vehicle Repair & Charging
January 2014

Our goal is to be carbon neutral and sustainable by 2016. To that end we have implemented the Toyota Lean Production System, installed energy efficient lighting, water heating equipment and a huge 72kW solar array that provides most of our power from the sun. Everything from cardboard and metals to the solvents we use is recycled.

Solar panels were installed on the rooftop of Marshall Auto Body, January 2014. We use the information provided by eGauge to optimize our carbon footprint. By tracking our energy usage and comparing it on a single screen we can optimize our carbon foot-printing and lower our peak demand for energy consumption.

The second by second updates provide us with the tools needed to minimize peak demands. The eGauge system allows us to monitor power generation versus consumption in real time and records up to 30 years of data.

August 2013

Marshall Auto Body is the first of four shops in the United States invited to participate in a two week certification program by Tesla Motors. We have over 200 hours of factory training in aluminum structural/mechanical repair and welding at Tesla’s Fremont, CA facility.

Electric Vehicle Repair & Charging
Electric Vehicle Repair & Charging

Our colors have changed, but not our stripes!

"A few years ago we began following battery power as something that might become customer driven and practical. The rapid advance in battery power and storage capability that made the Tesla roadster a game changing player was an alarm bell for the segment of the auto industry banking on hydrogen. The 'Model S' is possibly the fatal blow to it's chances."
"Once batteries are capable of 300+ mile range in all weather (which is likely to be in as little as 3-5 years) no one will want to drive something that is no cleaner and requires stopping at a fuel station and being held hostage to a monopolized infrastructure."

-Scott Marshall

Source: Fix.com